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History of Ballet Talk

8th February

The Lymington centre

Start time 7pm

The two subjects that I enjoyed at school and still continue to do so are History and Ballet, so I have put together this talk to give you the story of Ballet from its start, its development, it place in social History. To the personalities who have shaped this wonderful and graceful art form.



Wednesday 6th March

The Malt Theatre, Lymington

Starts 19.00

Price £10


Cell Block Tango, All that Jazz.

The Oscar wining film of the broadway hit.

This fast paced musical with keep you singing and wanted to dance all night.

Before hand a drink and talk about the musical and movie.




Wednesday 3rd April

The Malt Theatre, Lymington

Starts 19.00

Price £10

Join Kevin for this romantic period ballet by Jules Perrot.

Before the ballet starts you are invited for a drink and talk about the history and story of the Ballet.